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At State Building Products, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality steel studs and framing accessories at the lowest possible prices. An important part of our service is delivering our products on time and to the locations that best serve the needs of our customers.

The State Building Products sales team regularly works with commercial builders to deliver orders directly to project sites. For most orders, we can deliver the high quality steel framing products to our customers in 2-3 days. We also offer deliveries directly to job sites for use in the construction or remodeling of hospitals, apartment complexes, multi-story office buildings, banks, colleges, high schools, warehouses, and a variety of other commercial and large-scale residential developments. In addition, we supply to a network of distributors across the United States, where commercial and residential builders can obtain the specific quantities of our high quality steel products for individual projects.

The State Building Products corporate sales office is located adjacent to our newly remodeled manufacturing facility in Warren, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. We also operate sales offices in Ohio, New York, and Florida.

The State Building Products sales team takes great pride in working with builders and contractors to ensure that our steel products contribute to the success of every development project we supply.

Call us to learn how State Building Products can help make your project more successful.